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Welcome to my studio!

Hello and welcome to my first newsletter.  I'm so pleased you decided to join me.

Making art is just one step of the journey, sharing it with you completes the circle.  Because you’ve shown an interest in my work you’ll get sneak peeks inside my studio and discover more about me and my art processes.  You’ll be first to see new work and of course I’ll keep you up to date with news of

upcoming fairs and events.


So what’s been going on?  Quite a lot is the answer to that!

In the studio...

Following my first art fair in Chippenham with the Independent Artist Group I’ve been busy in the studio immersed in all things “watery”.  No, the studio hasn’t sprung a leak (thankfully!), but I’ve found myself being drawn to exploring patterns and textures connected with water.  This has culminated in a series of five paintings and two glass pieces.  Here is the complete collection exclusively for you to see.  They’re not even published on my website yet.  These are destined for a very exciting event in May… more in a minute.

ocean's shadow_edited.jpg

Ocean's shadow

20cm x 20cm cradled wooden panel

ocean's hoard.jpg

Ocean's hoard

20cm x 20cm cradled wooden panel

Up where there's light_edited.jpg

Up where there's light

20cm x 30cm  Canvas

Complex tranquility.jpg

Complex tranquility

40cm x 50cm  Canvas

The freedom within_edited.jpg

The freedom within

30cm x 40cm  Canvas



15cm x 15cm  Fused glass



15cm x 15cm  Fused glass

Exciting News!
Heritage Calne.jpg

I am thrilled to tell you that I have been asked by Gallery 11 to exhibit with them at the Calne Heritage Centre next month.  Gallery 11 is a consortium of three artists based in Calne and this exhibition will feature 14 artists.  Click here for more information about the group and the exhibition.  

I’ll be showing up to 20 artworks, many of which have not been exhibited before.  All work will be for sale and I’m so excited to be taking part. 

I really hope you can pop along.


The exhibition will run from 4th - 28th May.

Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 16.00

Sunday 14.00 - 16.00


The Calne Heritage Centre

Carnegie Building 

New Road, Calne

SN11 0SQ

Chippenham Art Fair

The next Chippenham Art Fair takes place on Saturday 14th May.  I love this event as it also provides the perfect chance to discover what my fellow creatives have been up to and catch up on their news.  Artists often spend so much time alone in their studios so fairs and events provide wonderful opportunities to be sociable!  This is a great event for meeting local artists so please stop by and have a natter on the day.  I'm always happy to answer any questions so don't be shy!  I'll be selling original paintings and cards - there'll be some new ones to discover too.

Chip fair May.jpg

My newsletter will wing it's way to you every 4 to 6 weeks.  In the meantime why not keep in touch by following me on Instagram or Facebook?  

Next time...

Join me next time when I'll be able to tell you all about a  Chippenham FIRST TIME EVER event!


I take you inside the studio for a taste of my working day.... I'm off to tidy it up!  See you next time!

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