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Continuing with my fascination with textures, in this third painting I began exploring how to build up the surface of the substrate whilst contrasting it with flatter areas. The themes behind this were about the disintegration of the new iron structure of the ship turning to rust and forming rusticles, before being dispersed into the ocean. This was the the first time in a painting I used areas of printed collage created with a gelliplate. This piece really led the way for further experimentation with collage papers and printing.


  • 25cm x 25cm x 1.5cm

    Approximately 10" x 10" x 0.6"

    • Acrylic and mixed media on cradled wooden panel.  
    • Protected with two coats of UV satin varnish to prevent surface damage and fading.
    • Fitted with D-rings and cord, ready to hang.
    • This comes UNFRAMED (images for illustration only)
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