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J. Bruce Ismay was the Chairman and managing director of White Star Line at the time of the Titanic.  The only high ranking official to survive the disaster, he was subject to a lot of criticism.  For the remainder of his life he suffered severe depression and his wife banned all talk of the Titanic amongst the family.


I feel that Ismay was perhaps used as a scapegoat and not quite the villain or coward the press made him out to be.  I wanted to portray Ismay as a proud, yet damaged man.  The focal point of the painting is his eyes.  He has a haunted, 1000 yard stare of a man who has witnessed all too much pain and sorrow.  Hidden within the painting is a QR code.  Once scanned you are taken to a hidden page within my website which tells more of his story and about this painting.

J. Bruce Ismay

  • 41cm x 31cm x 4cm

    Approximately 16" x 12" x 1.5"

    Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

    Protected with two coats of UV satin varnish to prevent surface damage and fading.

    Fitted with D-rings and cord, ready to hang.

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